Corporate culture: integrity, steadfast, good quality, first class!

Business philosophy: the pursuit of excellence, advancing with The Times and endless future!

Values: the pursuit of value is the starting point of our work, create value is the power of our life, the pursuit of value is our constant for a long time!

Talent concept: people comfortable, comfortable person, as long as is willing and able to work hard for the enterprise, actively dedication, is the enterprise need talent. In selecting talents, first consider the is personnel, skills and knowledge required to make the best combination, maximize every worker's expertise and capacity.

Quality idea: high standards, fine, zero defect, is the basic requirement of the enterprise to the worker, is also a worker is basic of working state. High standard is the premise condition, refinement is the basic requirement, zero defect is the ultimate goal. Three inside clasp, be short of one cannot.

Marketing concept: creating value for customers, for enterprises to win friends, marketing in the 21st century, advocated by the "create value for customers" is not a simple business connotation, but to work in efforts for the user to create in the value of other households where there is no or not, make them the back of the enterprise, eventually become friends.

Security idea: life is priceless, security for days Life for everyone only once, we should respect life, cherish life. Safety first, precaution crucial; Safety is the essence of the production and business operation needs and inevitable requirement, only the on-the-job worker's life safety and guarantee, so as to protect the normal operation of equipment and facilities, enterprises can be sustained. ?

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